Not All


“We must cancel!” Ruth’s voice was reedy with tension.

“We must not!” Tomas retorted more sharply than he’d intended.

Ruth flinched and turned away. Her shoulders trembled.

Tomas wanted to kick himself. “I’m sorry, Love,” he tried.

Her head shook, but she turned back to him and buried her face in his chest.

“It is all ruined,” she sobbed, pointing at the storm’s devastation.

“Not all,” he wrapped arms around her.

A long breath shuddered, then Ruth’s eyes, glistening, found his.

“No, not all,” she repeated. Breathed.

His own knees weakened. His Ruth of Awe and Fire.

His bride. Today.





For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

Photo prompt © Brenda Cox


32 thoughts on “Not All

  1. Well, that gave me the goosebumps. What a beautiful story. A lovely reminder of what’s important. Their love for each other is far more important than all the other “things.” If they have that, their life together will be good.

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  2. That is a lovely, lovely story, and really well written. The conclusion is so natural, and yet it took me by surprise. And what a lovely description of the bride, ‘His Ruth of Awe and Fire’!
    I enjoyed this very much indeed!

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    • Aw, Penny! Thank you for this specific and generous comment! 🙂 There is much sweetness in witnessing lovers’ gaze, isn’t there? Even under the worst circumstances, there is a world inside the world for them. As there is, in my view, for a parent or grandparent gazing into a wee one’s eyes. Here’s to love.

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