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There was not much to do but wait.

And hope.

The lots were cast,

Though she had very little trust

In such.

It was not for her

To decide.

Now it was just,

The drip of minutes

Through childhood’s hourglass.

Dreams slowly fraying

Into dust,

While growing worries,

Poke trembling shoots

Into her heart.

Will this unknown,

Chosen for her


Will he be





For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Challenge: unknown in 65 words


19 thoughts on “Arranged

    • Ah, wouldn’t we so want to know, in so many of the arranged marriages, forced marriages, and child marriages, how things went? (By the way, I am not against arranged marriages as long as there is a real choice to say no, and a balance of power and consent between the two marrying).

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  1. The very thought of arranged marriage is scary! I hope he’ll be kind and good enough for her. I thought about this very same thing when I saw Sammi’s prompt too! I guess I might tweak my story a little bit. 😉 Good one, Na’ama

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    • Yes, those can be very scary, especially if the women/girls also have little say in leaving or in retaining custody of their kids or having any property and/or social standing.
      I’d love to see what you write regardless of where you take it! I think that keeping it on the same topic is always interesting, too, because no two people take it to exactly the same place!

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    • Yes, a very big difference indeed, though many who are subjected to forced marriages, are TOLD that this is an ‘arranged marriage’ as if to lend it credibility, when in fact, there may be very little control over any aspect of it, especially for the girl/woman (though sometimes also not much control for the other partner, too).

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  2. Brilliant, my friend! So beautifully written. Ugh. I can’t believe arranged marriages exist to this day. Mind you, some of them are rather successful… but still, not my choice!

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    • Me agree. I know some are successful, and some couples respect each other and learn to even care and love for each other, and that is a good thing. However, I suspect that among the many that are defined as ‘success’ on the outside, there are many that are only ‘long lasting’ rather than really a success … because we only measure it by longevity of the relationship, we must take into account that there are often few options to leave, or untenable penalties for leaving … So, there’s that.
      And, yeah, it absolutely ain’t for moi!

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