Crystal Clear

(Photo by De an Sun on Unsplash)


She would have gone to bed

And let the mess wait

For the morning,

Or the following


Had it not been for voices

That still


From her past

To smudge shame

Onto her


She grabbed the mop

And filled the pail.




For the dVerse poetry quadrille challenge: smudge


38 thoughts on “Crystal Clear

  1. Hi Na’ama

    THANK YOU – more than you will understand why…

    Your poem honoured the humble mop!

    WOW – I would never have thought that was possible…as you will see 2 photos capture the decisive moment Before and After Pesach 2021

    for the first time in my life I made a decision Out with the old In with the new I could no longer tolerate past and present in collision

    My critical moment in transition


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    • Very true! Sometimes it is VERY hard, and sometimes one might pick and choose when the gentler path is to just not fight it at a particular moment/day, and when it is best to stand firm and refuse to accept what no longer works. The words that write on our slate as children make deep marks. For good and bad.

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    • Thanks, Arcadia! And … as long as it is congruous with your own comfort (and perhaps the motivation that it is nicer to wake up to a clean kitchen), than perhaps it is not a bad thing to do. And yet … 😉 Complicated, eh? 😉


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