The Bobblins


The moon hid on the night they lit the Bobblins. Nature’s cold dark shoulder. Though Gary said it was Luna’s way of lending them the main stage free of luminescent interference.

Renee still felt a shudder run down her spine.

It was the depths of it.

The weight of memories that bobbed and swayed and listed ever so slightly over the mirrored pond.

Even the wind ceased. For the moment.

Was it, too, leaving the stage free of routine rustling, the air’s microphone open to the whispers of the babies, cocooned in color coded pastel uteri, waiting to be born?




For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

Photo prompt: © David Stewart



51 thoughts on “The Bobblins

  1. Bobblins! Love it. And while she is worried at the stillness, maybe it’s because it hasn’t happened often enough for her to realise there is something special when that happens..Always such a lovely write.

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  2. Na’ama Y’karah,

    Little blessed Bobblins. Hopefully they’re hatching into something wonderful. Love the ethereal feel to the story and hoping for a good outcome. 😉
    I keenly felt the presence of your absence last week. Glad you’re back. ❤



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  3. There was all that beauty, peace and calm but the end gave me goose bumps. It is a frightening thought, back to being a reptile, amphibium, fish… offspring hatched.

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      • They are our more direct egg-laying ancestors. 🙂 To me the frightening part was all these reports about the importance of a mother’s heartbeat, voice, closeness… how can you have that intimacy in incubators?

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      • Indeed! I don’t know that anything would ever replicate that environment, and I hope we never get to a place where science overtakes the human aspects of humanity. That said, I’m all for innovations in incubation and premature babies’ care. So like many other things, science is what we’ll make of it, and hopefully we’ll do so ethically.
        As you, I shudder at the thought of babies raised in floating eggs without the human interaction that begins in utero.

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