In A Heartbeat

Basalt Fog KarenForte

(Photo: Karen Forte)


The fog cocooned her.

A swift blanket

Of numbing

Penetrative chill

The sun could not


And yet

A butterfly’s wing

Flicked against

Her cheek.

A kiss

Of warmer


A promise for

What what could,

In a heartbeat,

Thaw frost

Into bedazzled




For the dVerse quadrille challenge: swift

For Carol. On your birthday in heaven. Butterfly kisses galore.



29 thoughts on “In A Heartbeat

  1. Na’ama, what a poignant and beautiful tribute poem to Carol. When I see your chosen image was taken by Carol, the poem gets even more meaningful. If you would care to say more about Carol, I’d like to know, but I understand if you don’t want to.


    • Thank you, Bjorn! She was a lovely person and we all of us who knew her, miss her. She passed away almost 7 years ago, and still she lives very much in many people’s hearts. Yes, she certainly is with me sometimes, as good friends often are. 🙂 Thank you!


    • Thank you, Dale! I’m so glad it got communicated! Yes, to all of it, especially the delicate and potentially life-changing reality of a butterfly kiss – the unexpected tenderness, the window into what’s possible in change and hope.


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