Almost Ready



She practiced every day the sea was calm and some days when it was not but the waves called her anyway.

“Your lips will permanently blue,” Lucy, her twin, chided.

Leena shook her head and tightened the proffered towel around her shoulders. Her fingers were numb and the damp cloth almost slipped.

Lucy sighed. She used her brooch to pin together the towel’s ends, then rubbed Leena’s back to help the blood flow. She could not dissuade her younger-by-ten-minutes sister from swimming. Leena was all stubbornness once she’d set her mind to something. But Lucy could make sure Leena did not go to the beach alone, and that someone was there to help warm her up and get her safely home.

“I’m almost ready, Lucy,” Leena gasped through chattering teeth. “Next time Cousin Ned visits, I’ll beat him to the logs. He will not get to call me Weakleena again!”



For Crispina‘s Crimson’s Creative Challenge



18 thoughts on “Almost Ready

  1. This is wonderful! Thank goodness for sisters, is all I can say.
    Speaking of crazy people swimming in the winter… a friend of mine lives in B.C. and she swims every day (almost) either at sunrise or sunset. They are up to 15 minutes staying in the water. Of course, it’s a lot warmer out there than here but the water has been about 7C (45F) and the outside temp has been between 1-6C (34-43F). I just contacted her to get the official info 😉 she told me during the wolf moon, 32 women shed their worries (and some their clothes) and at midnight howled at the moon as they swam. How seriously cool is that?

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