Still Summer

(Photo by Sam Marx on Unsplash)


It seems as though you are still summer:

The leaves still green atop your trees

Waves still warm inside your eyes

Sunrise haze in your sky

Sunset late to bed

As sleep lights in

Your soft breath





NONET prompt: “It seems as though you are still summer” (Merwin)

For dVerse poetic 9




52 thoughts on “Still Summer

  1. An excellent Nonet, winding down to that last gasp at a single syllable. Before the wildfires out here, summer had been glorious. It’s still in the 70’s, but smoke smothers the sun.

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    • Yes, I know … 😦 I have friends on the West Coast, some of whom have been evacuated, others who may be any moment, many who are struggling to breathe if they as much as open a window. 😦 I’m sorry you are in it, too! Sending good air and some fresh rain in just the right amount …


    • Thank you, Helen! All of my friends – and people I don’t know but who could be friends … – on the West Coast have been in my thoughts, and we have a smidgen of it in NYC, from the haze covering the sun and lowering out temps because of smoke in the upper atmosphere having traveled across the continent to make itself known here. Stay safe, and know you are in our thoughts and we are all – literally – in it together. Sending clean air your way …


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