Their Bag End


Photo: Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash


They never did make it back from their destination. Not for lack of trying. Not for lack of plans. Not even for lack of courage or stamina or all the things that make a journey circular. There and back again. Like Bilbo Baggins looking for an adventure and finding more than he had bargained for (or perhaps precisely what he needed); they, too, found more along the way than they had intended.

The path slowed everything. Time turned to stone.

And when it was over, said and done, it was a time and there was never enough of it.

They took too long.

So much that life passed by before it could lead them back to where they had come from.

Perhaps where they ended was precisely where they needed to go.

Only that unlike Bilbo, they did not return to their Bag End.



(Prompt: from “A Time” by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke)

For the dVerse Prosery Challenge: A Time



29 thoughts on “Their Bag End

  1. Thank you for reminding me of Bilbo and Bag End, a place I haven’t returned to in years. I must go back there sometime soon – I need an adventure – although it might not be the same this time around – I might have taken too long.

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  2. Clever, Na’ama! (Even though I’m totally ignorant of anything Hobbit-related.). There’s sort of a timeless and absurdist feel to this, too. Even though they were moving, and not waiting, it made me think a bit of Waiting for Godot.

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    • I’m glad you liked it! Well, not EVERYONE can know about The Hobbit or LOTR … – hard to imagine, but then there are those things I know nothing about and others know every detail of … so I know such black holes happen … ;)) Movement is an interesting thing, isn’t it? Sometimes you make progress, and sometimes it is like in a rocking chair -lotta movement, zero progress … 😉

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  3. Reminds me we are sometimes so preoccupied with our destination we miss the best parts of life. I’m not a Hobbit person, and had to research just who Bilbo was! Thank you for the mental stimulation.

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    • Yes, indeed, sometimes the details get lost in the process, when the details are part of the process we can enjoy in the NOW …
      I’m glad you checked out Bilbo Baggins … 😉 How fun that you took the time even though the association wasn’t immediately something you knew of! I tend to do that, too, when I see something that I don’t recognize but seems to have importance to the writer — and I’ve learned so many interesting tidbits this way! Here’s to keeping our noggin humming … 😉


    • Yes, I think most of us have the illusion of knowing where we’d end, though in reality, we can plan and hope and think and wonder, but life may or may not take is where we think we want to go …


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