By Design


Photo by Aditya Wardhana on Unsplash


Perhaps it is, really,

By design

Where we are born

And how we live

And how and when and why

We die.


Perhaps it is

By fate,

That we can love

And we can laugh

And dream

And struggle to let go

Of hate.


Perhaps we’re each

A stitch

In the tapestry

Of an overarching


(That we do

Or do not



Yet still the truth


That our strength is

Bound to fail at

The weakest


And that we each have a

Part in

Whether we


Or shred

The possibilities





For RDP Sunday: Design

And just for fun, also for Terri’s Sunday Stills: Yellow


27 thoughts on “By Design

      • Thank you, my friend. Yes. It is all about conserving one’s energy while doing what one likes as much as one can … I’m well now, though I was under the weather with an annoying fever and malaise for a few weeks, which was less fun, but all told, it was not severe and I’m back to ‘normal’ (whatever THAT is, when it comes to me … LOL), though backlogged with some stuff and also feeling the summer slowing down, which is a good thing for anyone who can make the time. Have a LOVELY time off!

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