Plenty Enough Of That

Cotton E.K.

Photo: E.K.


“I don’t know what we’ll do,” she sobbed.

He lifted her chin gently till the brown-speckled eyes met his. “We’ll manage,” he said, surety threaded carefully into his voice. He didn’t want her feeling as if she was weak for unraveling or wondering whether any of what she was feeling was excessive or unreasonable. It was not.

He didn’t have all the answers, either.

Only love.

He had plenty of that.

And it had to be enough.

“Everything’s a mess,” she sighed.

It was. And yet, it wasn’t. Not everything. Their care for each other had not a single tangle in it.

“It’s like this cotton field,” he breathed. “Raw fibers that are nonetheless brimming with nascent fabric potential. We’ll pick through our grief and weave love into a new life.”




For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Fabric in 131 words



17 thoughts on “Plenty Enough Of That

    • Ah, so glad you liked my tapestry! πŸ™‚
      Given that I’m elbow deep in sewing cloth masks (by combination of a new mini-maddening-machine and slow-but-dependable hand stitching) to give/send friends and neighbors and loved ones and front-liner helpers, especially now that it seems we’ll be needing ‘face coverings’ in NYC for a while, possibly well through the summer and fall (oy!) – the topic of fabric – and cotton – is pretty forward on my mind … (and nose, whenever I stick the latter outta my front door…) πŸ˜‰
      Off to read yours!


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