Travel Home

Travel Home NaamaYehuda

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


Travel home

To where the shadow


What your heart knows:

The lives

The parks

The bustling city

That seems so quiet

And yet flows,

Even when appearing

To hold its breath

In forced repose.



For the Tuesday Photo Challenge: Travel



10 thoughts on “Travel Home

  1. !תמונה מדהימה ומילים עוצמתיות
    … נראה שהשקט והמנוחה ההזויה הזו, תובעת מכל בן אנוש לחפש ולמצוא איזשהו בית בתוך עצמו


    • Thank you. Granted, not everyone is resting … and many of us are working harder than usual … but yes, we should each find a home inside ourselves even as we seek to do what we can for others.


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