More Than Well Done


Photo: Caroline Attwood on Unsplash


She mixed and measured, weighed and watched, stirred and sprinkled, steeped and sliced.

She’d gotten every item ready. She made sure she had all the tools. She kept the temperature exact.

This one was going to come out just right.

She double checked each line. She’d compared reviews for different versions of the recipe, to ensure this one worked fine.

The kitchen fan hummed.

Her phone rang.

The house smelled of burnt garlic. She was deafened by the smoke alarm.

The roast was toast.

She could have cried. …

She should have known that her ever-hungry teenage son would devour it as is, as soon as he sat down.



For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Devour in 108 words




17 thoughts on “More Than Well Done

  1. Na’ama Y’karah,

    I had a teenage son like that. Anything edible was fair game to him. He was the permanent indent on the sofa cushions and vacancy in the refrigerator. πŸ˜‰ Loved the roast was toast. I’ve blackened a few of those myself. Reservations anyone? Well done.

    Shabbat Shalom from the frozen wasteland of Missouri,


    My link is on Sammi’s page or here

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    • LOL! We call them “food processors” in my family, and at some point practically every family has at least one. Leftover aren’t a problem. The electric bill might be (they seem to live at the open refrigerator door, usually peering in with “is there anything to eat” – about ten minutes following clean up from any given meal … ) πŸ˜‰
      Shabbat Shalom from NYC! Not so frozen here today–we’re expecting freak 60s!!? Not that I’m complaining about that when I have to run out to ran a professional group meeting! (we’ve been meeting for over 15 years, every other month on a Saturday. Good people. Still nicer to head out to one when it is NICE out! YEAH!).
      Will read yours upon my return!

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  2. I was half expecting the recipient of this meal made with love to devour it without tasting it… didn’t at all expect it to be one of those voracious teenagers who will eat anything and everything!
    Loved this!

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  3. Funny how you can spend time and thought and effort preparing a carefully planned meal, only for a teenage boy to shovel it down as if it were a plate of instant mashed potatoes! I sympathise as I have one of those devourers in my house too!
    Lovely build up, great use of language and a strong pay off. Great stuff

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