Keeper of the Chandeliers


As chores went, this was her favorite.

Granted, she made sure to keep her face flat and convey just enough tremulousness to allow it to be seen as challenging. Her superiors liked giving her challenges that needed overcoming. Especially when those could be served along with mundane duties.

She wasn’t supposed to have any, so she hid her preference. Yet inside her she rejoiced every time she was assigned the task. She was expected to approach every detail with utmost diligence, no matter the dexterity required. And at any height. Even on a rickety ladder.

Others trembled doing this, too, but hers was with pleasure, not fear. It felt like flying. She took her time, and the results were pleasing enough to be noticed. Or perhaps it was the added bonus of not having candle-wax drip onto one’s head mid-prayer.

Because before long she was made Keeper of the Chandeliers.



For Crispina’s Crimson Creative Challenge




29 thoughts on “Keeper of the Chandeliers

    • Thank you, Dale! It is sad that she needs to hide it, though I’m glad that she knows HOW to hide it, and that she manages, in her own way, to wrest some control over her life and preferences from those who are invested in her NOT having any of either … πŸ˜‰


      • True, I think it is one of the most awful places to be in. I’ve known it, to some extent, as I’m sure many have, and the taste of it was more than enough to make me realize just how absolutely crucial it is for ALL people to have a voice, and a choice, and what control is possible to have over one’s life.

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      • I think there are different kinds of lack of power, some more profound than others, some more intrinsic to one’s condition. For example, being a child comes with built in vulnerability to having little power, and alas it is not difficult for adults – whether by cruelty, overwhelm, ignorance, or a combination – to usurp what little power a child has. There are other situations where one’s lack of power and dependency takes place. The severely disabled often face it, sometimes the acutely ill or wounded may feel it for a time. Refugees and incarcerated person are almost always inherently without much power, as are people in all manner of cults and insular communities, people in abusive situations (especially the chronic ones), and more. Sometimes people who face few choices economically. Often in countries where freedom is not a right or is effectively afforded to the few. Women and girls in too many cultures still are almost impossibly subordinate to others. It is quite overwhelming to consider the many places the need to hide one’s own wishes/needs/preference still exists. Most of us will hopefully not feel the full brunt of it and there’s no ‘requirement’ of it as part of growth, in my opinion. In any event, many of us know aspects of it. Be it from childhood or times of other hardship. And a little can be more than enough.

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    • Haha about the beeswax suggestion! I’ll pass it to management … πŸ˜‰
      Glad you enjoyed this. YES, there is someone who excels in every task, and many tasks that someone might find fulfilling even if others may not. May we tasked with things we like doing, for the most part, and some that we are good at!
      Happy 2020


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