Reconsidered Romance

Photo prompt: © Dale Rogerson


It was better in the movie.

She’d slipped on the snow and had a wet imprint of her behind on her dress and a freezing spot in her lower back. His shoes got drenched when he’d stepped in a slush puddle, and generated awful squeaky sounds in every step. The benches needed deicing or they risked breaking their necks if they as much as tried to climb them, let alone jump around.

“I am sixteen, going on seventeen, and I’m going back inside,” she declared, teeth chattering.

“I am seventeen going on eighteen, and I’ll beat you to the house…”




For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers



43 thoughts on “Reconsidered Romance

  1. Na’ama Y’karah,

    Wouldn’t it be nice if things happened the way they do in the movies? I think they should opt for hot chocolate in front of a roaring fireplace. Now that’s romantic. 😉 Thank you for the ear worm.



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    • Yeah, me agree. A nice cozy fireplace, a soft throw to share, hot cocoa (to share or not to share … ;)), and a warm snuggle. Far superior to jumping on benches in the freezer … 😉
      As for the movies — some things are better in the movies, but I find that most things are better in real life … because, well, I like real life better … 🙂
      (Re: ear worm — you’re welcome. I’m on Dale’s naughty list, though … ;)).

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  2. Made my laugh–as did your banter with Dale.
    We listened to and watched a lot of musicals when our daughters were young. (I’m not a fan of most children’s movies.) This was a favorite scene of my younger daughter when she was in preschool, and we used to listen to it in the car, too.

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    • It was Dale’s amazing photo that immediately made the association for me … 🙂 And, I actually love the snow. I just don’t like the raw cold that often comes before/after it, and I don’t care for the slush/mush that the City becomes … and generally speaking, I’d rather stay warm … 🙂 LOL. Getting old!

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  3. Snow looks lovely, and is good for skiing on; other than that, it sucks! As it’s the festive season, I’ll settle for a sofa, a roaring log fire, a good book (for example, an anthology of flash fiction by Na’ama Yehuda) and a glass of something agreeable.
    You gave us a very believable account of the young people’s encounter and their response. Nicely done!

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    • Yeah, I’m with ya on the fireplace, couch, and I’m CERTAINLY up for good reads (an am partial to anyone doing a the book-by-me recommendation … :)). There are four of actual books by me out there (not anthology of flash-fiction, though … a bit more involved than that … Dale might attest … and some others here who’d read one or more of them). But yeah, FAR better than freezing in the wet and damp outdoors … 😉
      Easy choice, that! 😉
      Thank you for the kind and generous comment! Na’ama


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