Photo: © J Hardy Carroll


The cells were small. Sturdy enough to keep them separated. Aerated enough to keep them alive. Near enough to let them marinate in each other’s misery.

What the jailers did not foresee, however, was how they were just close enough to offer comfort. Fingers laced through fencing let them hold hands. Almost.

Oh, they moved to corners when anyone came. Pretended to hate each other. Endured each other’s fake bullying that so amused their captors.

But in the silent moments they sat close, back-pressed-through-chain-to-back. Their ‘caretakers’ warehoused them like animals, but the children’s defiance held: they remembered they were siblings.



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers


56 thoughts on “Warehoused

  1. Oh….tender, fierce and poignant. Thank you! 💚✨💚

    Adele Ryan McDowell, Ph.D.

    AdeleRyanMcDowell.com Adeleandthepenguin.com MakingPeacewithSuicide.com Channeledgrace.com

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    • Thank you … and yes … we are often faced with both these days, in actions of governments and individuals who harm others because they can … and in the dignity that the victims display in spite of all the ugliness they are subjected to. …
      And then there are all the millions who face maltreatment and abuse … and find a way to go on.

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    • Thank you, Rochelle. Yes, it is heartbreaking that it goes on, in more way and in more place than one, and to more people than some want to admit. And even as a ‘policy’ by some who claim it is justified as a ‘deterrent’ to prevent vulnerables who are seeking help as they flee impossible situations … 😦


    • Thank you! What a lovely comment to leave! I think there were many good entries this week – as in every week – it is such a great community of writers and thinkers and dabblers and creative spirits. 🙂


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