Just A Crack


Photo: Andrew Buchanan on Unsplash


“It is just a crack,” she said,

“A splinter off of perfection.”

‘Twas more than that, she understood,

Knowing what effort it exacted of her

To keep her direction,

To balance scales just so

They did not tip life

And hope

Into utter disconnection.




For the dVerse quadrille challenge: Crack



30 thoughts on “Just A Crack

    • True, that! Indeed, we all face cracks – some of us manage them better than others, some of us have more of them than others, some may have cracks in more fundamental aspects of their lives and foundation than others. In my view – and it seems in yours, too – many such cracks can serve as points of pause and potential turning points and opportunities. Some may signal collapse, but I would like to hope that in those cases, one can reach out to others to help raise scaffolding and put up support beams to help till they can be bolstered internally enough to evade demise.
      Cracks themselves, IMO, are part of aging, part of the beautiful wear and tear of life. Perhaps why I like wrinkles so much … 🙂 Earned cracks, many of them are. 🙂


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