Simon’s Snack

Photo prompt: © Ronda Del Boccio


“Peach jelly and olives?! Are you serious?”

“As a heart attack.”

Jack shuddered. This may well be the end result.

Jill’s pasta sauce concoction reminded him of “after-school snack” on days his mother had to work late and the school-bus would drop him off at his uncle’s house. Uncle Simon would have a tall glass of bluish milk waiting, alongside a dish of crackers topped with lemon-lime marmalade and loaded with sardines.

The mere thought of Jill’s recipe gave him the runs.

Good. Saved by the throne.

“Sorry, Hon. I must’ve caught something at work. I better have plain toast.”



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

Note: Dedicated to my cousin Noam, who reportedly loved sardines-and-jelly sandwiches. I remember being horrified by the very idea and saddened that he would never enjoy them again. Four years my senior, he died at war, just weeks past his nineteenth birthday. We miss you, Noam (sandwiches and all)!


42 thoughts on “Simon’s Snack

  1. Hey… one can’t judge unless one has tried… though I admit that sardines and jelly together does not sound overly appealing. Once upon a time, when I didn’t care about eating plastic, we would have Cheez Whiz on a Ritz cracker, topped with a bread and butter pickle…

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  2. Na’ama Y’karah,

    A long time ago I developed a taste for peanut butter and green olives. I still find the combination quite tasty. Perhaps I should add peach jelly to the mix. Now lemon lime marmalade, on the other hand kind of makes me want to run, too. 😉 Oy. I’m not a big lime fan. I am, however, a fan of your story. Flavorful blend dialogue and description.



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    • 🙂 I can see how peanut butter would go with green olives! I would even try a pasta sauce made of jelly and olives (and a few more things thrown in for good measure, perhaps – though NOT sardines … I think …).
      Glad you enjoyed the story! 🙂 T’was fun to write.
      Now, want some toast? 😉

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    • I think that different people find different food combinations to be tasty or horrifying, for the same combination … Some odd combos are worth trying, but I’m thinking – if your life doesn’t depend on it and if your body rebels against it, it’s okay to not try and force it down … 😉

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