Photo: Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


It lingered, hidden.

It’s potential ever present

Yet hoped

To in deep sleep


Till it found purchase

Someplace where the


Could not be



“It’s metastatic now,”

They said

And shook their head

And watched her deep breath


Along with the determination

From last time,



It will be

What it will,

But even if equilibrium

Was difficult to


She was going to meet


Head on





Dedicated to those who are facing this challenge now: You got this. We got you.

For Linda Hill’s SoCS challenge: “-tast”



26 thoughts on “Metastasis

  1. very nice. I read it today after my dog dying last night of metastic cancer that had finally reached into his brain. But given that it was known to have metatazied back in january and he was given until mid-Feb he did really well. He did continue to engage in his life w/ his head held high. Such a big giving hear that is done now.

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    • Oh, Jacquie! I am so so SO sorry to hear about your dog’s passing. It sounds like he got the best care and had given the best love and I’m glad to know you had him around longer than initially predicted. We never truly know all the parameters that affect how things would go, do we? I’m happy he continued to engage in life, and that he lived life the best he could, as long as he had. I’m sorry for your loss. May his love continue to sustain you even now that he is not there in physical form – nor limited by it in any way, anymore.
      Thank you for sharing your loss with me, here. May you find comfort.


  2. This is beautifully strong and so knowing that I hope the she is not you πŸ’œ. I wrote on the same subject last night, though my pingback didn’t work …it’s a scary thing but we can be scary too.πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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