Couch Karma

NYC afternoon NaamaYehuda

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


It will be the couch for me today, after a bit more lifting, hopping, sliding, climbing, carrying, skipping, and bending, than my sort-of-hanging-in-there spine is happy with.

Not that I regret any of the evasive maneuvers to ‘prevent’ a giggling toddler from stepping on my shadow … Not that I regret going down the slide (well, a little … going down wasn’t the issue, getting back up was … I swear they put these toddler-level things lower and lower to the ground … ;)). Not that I regret counting ducks and spotting turtles, tracking helicopters in the sky, crouching to fix sandals and greet puppies, or examining mini-melted-puddles on park-paths of what might’ve been a dropped ice-cream (the alternative is gnarlier…). I don’t even regret riding hippos “to Israel and also to the Zoo” (yep, New York’s got a whole bloat of tolerant Hippos in the Safari Playground — and no offense to the hippopotami for the term — I don’t make English, I just use is …).

T’was all of it a lot of fun, it was. Delightful as every time spent with this knee-high to a grasshopper of a peanut is. Love that gal to the moon and Mars and back (whether we get there on or off the back of a hippo calf). But this does not mean there’s no piper to pay.

So, I’m paying the piper today. (Hopefully only today …)

And it’ll be slow transitions on and off the couch and bed and chair. And some Ibuprofen, and Biofreeze and Arnica salve, and the duck-wobble molasses-like moving that is the package deal in a body a bit too willowy and quite a bit too finicky than its inhabitant likes to accept, but perhaps should.

Or won’t.


Life’s too short and couches got to earn their keep somehow.



For Linda Hills SoCS prompt: Couch


36 thoughts on “Couch Karma

  1. I felt every ache, and twinge, every pain. These things might attack me rather cos I’ve walked further than I ought, climbed too many stiles and 5-bar gates, have hauled myself up too many steep banks … but the end result is the same. You’ll be fine again tomorrow. Maybe. πŸ™‚

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  2. Sending good juju and much love.


    Adele Ryan McDowell, Ph.D.

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    • Thank you, Dearest Adele!
      I’ll be okay. As ouchees go, this is mild on the horrible-scale. πŸ™‚ And par for the course for me, sometimes, as you know.
      Love the juju and ALWAYS love the love.


  3. That sweet angel! And how lucky she is to have her very willing Auntie Na’ama play with such shared exuberance. You will heal, but she will never be this little, and believing again. Feel better soon. Btw, after a day of hurricane prep, we’re going to watch a couple episodes on Amazon Prime of β€œThe Marvelous Mrs Maizel.” We highly recommend her!

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    • She is adorable, and hilarious, and growing up so very fast!
      I know I’ll heal — no worries there, just discomfort and another lesson in (perhaps) paying better attention to my body’s limits before they … well … cry “Uncle!”
      Enjoy the show — I have been planning to see it all summer but never got to it. I hopefully will when evenings lengthen and daytime shortens.
      Sending good juju for Dorian veering off to entertain only the dolphins.


    • PS The idea of the hippo-ride was all hers … πŸ˜‰ I just wondered why she wanted me to sit on the hippo (“Sit here, Na’ama. I made room for you!”), to which she responded with utter surprise at my (apparently) lack of intuitive understanding of the itinerary, with “to Israel and then the Zoo…”). πŸ™‚


    • Thank you, Lisa! I bet many of us have been there, for all manner of house-of-cards bodies.
      Yes, my body knows what to do, and just like it knows to rush into Owee-Territory, it also knows to take the (slow) way home to its sort-of-norm.
      I love the photo, too! She was quite contemplative at that moment, considering why the ducks were not doing her bidding to join their “duck friends over there” and where the turtle disappeared to … and the meaning of life, I’m sure, too … πŸ™‚

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  4. This was a lovely snippet of your day. The aches and pains we go through to keep the little ones happy. I swear, they need to know that adults will accompany the little ones on these doohickies! And they not think of us?
    Hope you feel back to your normal soon.

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    • Thank you, my friend. I trust that I will be back to my normal soon. I’ve a finicky body, and it’s been through the mill a few times, but it’s also quite amazingly stubborn as far as finding a way back to its normal (however changed that might be in different times …), and I trust it’ll find its way as long as I do my best to respect it … (life-long-lesson that one is!).
      It WAS a lovely day. With a cutie patootie I am always happy to spend time with. Just, as I wrote, any overdoing comes with a price, sometimes more than I bargained for (or more than I THOUGHT I bargained for …). Little one is blissfully unaware of the realities of creaky and somewhat limited bodies. To be fair, though, she’s dealing with the limiting realities of being two … and how there are many things she WISHES she can do, but cannot … or isn’t allowed to. So there’s that … πŸ˜‰

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      • The joys of getting older. And once you have hurt a section of that body, it is hard to have it come back to its original fabulous state.
        My knees can tell you that years of figure skating, basketball, volleyball and track have done them in. Forever.
        We just have to learn to work within our limitations even if the word itself gets into our craw!
        Glad you enjoyed your time with that cutie patootie!

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      • Yep, the joy of getting older, (in a body that had more than its share of injuries and things that absolutely should’ve have happened but did and things that happened on top of things that happened and could’ve ended up a lot worse but didn’t) – we’re all a patchwork of our life’s experiences, aren’t we?
        All in all, it comes to living every day the best we can, with the stories our bodies hold and the stories our bodies let go of and the scars that remain and the possibilities that are always – ALWAYS – present, even if not in the way we think they could be.
        Hugs from a philosophical moi … πŸ˜‰

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      • I hear you. I’ve been relatively lucky – nothing major but let’s say the wear and tear is a pain.
        And yes, it does come to that – do the best we can each day.
        Ya done good, Na’ama!

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