A Look Out

Photo prompt © Randy Mazie


“What is this place?” My eyes were glued to the small window. Next to me Bertie shuddered and it shook the rickety bench we stood on.

“The place we’re in, or the place out there?” he croaked. We were both of us hoarse from crying, but had moved beyond fear halfway into resignation.

At least it was daytime.

“It looks deserted,” I didn’t really answer.

It’s been hours since all movement above us ceased. Hours since we woke, terrified and hungry, in this basement. The men had left us crackers. At least they didn’t mean for us to die. Yet.



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers



32 thoughts on “A Look Out

    • Thanks, James! I am not sure THEY know what they are doing there, or why … I do think they are the resourceful type, so hopefully they’d figure out a way to wriggle outta that place before the crackers stop coming … 😉

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  1. Na’ama Y’karah,

    Dark tale this one. As has been said, I hope they can escape and then nail their abductor. Well done.



    PS I’m slowly catching up now that I’m back from my brother’s house. Sigh. Missing him mightily.

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    • Hi Rochelle, yes. I hope they can escape … and I’m glad you read and commented. As always.
      A grieving young child once told me “missing someone is a kind of loving.” – it broke my heart but it is truth, and in the sadness there is also the tenderness of connection. Sending hugs.

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    • Thank you, Suzanne! I wish these were only fictionalized scenarios … though alas we know they aren’t always. Yes, I hope someone is looking out for them, and that they’d escape/be rescued/be protected.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! Na’ama

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