Sun Set

Sun set AtaraKatz

Photo: A.Katz


As the sun’s last light

Paints mountains


May worry find a safe

For stashing


That morning might

Not come


That homes might turn

From hope

To strain,

And children’s cries

Will sound

In pens,

As they wake

More memories

Of pain.




For dVerse Quadrille Challenge: Sun


20 thoughts on “Sun Set

    • Thank you, Frank.
      I think it’s been the dread of many humans for eras, especially in times of strife. Perhaps some worried that the sun itself would not rise again, and many more had worried that the sun would not rise onto THEM again, or that nothing will ever be the same.

      In these times of strife, with so many not knowing whether they’d wake up to another day, and what miseries that day will bring, and if they will be forced to remain imprisoned and isolated and broken apart from loved ones by war and terror and cruelty and apathy and xenophobia and being pawns in political games … these worries are being voiced again and again.

      I tried to give them voice.

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    • Hi Sarah,
      Yes, it is difficult to imagine, though alas it is also the reality of many millions around the world who are under the constant threat of terror, tyranny, gangs, crime, corruption, slavery, kidnapping, trafficking, and so on. … and is also the reality of too many in the US and vicinity besides. It is heartbreaking.
      I know some people who are in this situation – it is beyond gut wrenching. The constant terror AND fighting against its paralyzing effects, knowing that to paralyze and terrorize is exactly part of the intent … It is awful.
      I hope that as human beings we’ll do better, stand against tyranny and cruelty and demeaning some human beings as ‘illegal’ or unworthy of protections or wholly at fault for their adversity and suffering. We must call out racism and bigotry where it rears its ugly head and educate those who are misinformed – because of the propaganda they’d been fed or the upbringing that blinded them – about the realities of misery and disaster throughout history, and on the power of empathy.
      Thank you for the comment, Sarah, and for the reply it elicited in me.


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