In Thrall


Photo: Lancaster Ohio 1938


He was enthralled.

His fate decided

By those who bought

And sold

The humans they preferred

To see as lesser than,

In order to exact a price

For their own


Once freed,

His slavery was still

Held against him

In deliberate inequity,

His struggles mocked

As ‘proof’ he hadn’t been trying

Hard enough.




For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Enthrall in 54 words



19 thoughts on “In Thrall

    • Beyond the everyday realities of the lingering consequences of social injustice, there is the blaring reality of the now in America … where some children are worth more than others and where people are still targeted as ‘inferior’ or ‘criminally minded’ by the color of their skin, or attire, or language.
      We are really better than this.
      Thanks, dear Dale, for this comment, and for you! xoxo

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      • I wasn’t surprised he got elected this time around. Disappointed, yes, but not shocked. Hate is appealing and fear is a strong motivator, especially when combined with speaking to people’s insecurities and feeding their sense of self-worth-above-others and supposed victimization by those who seek equality.
        That before the amplification of misinformation and deliberate ‘assistance’ by Russia to have him be elected so they could puppet the USA and damage democratic ideas and weaken America’s standing in the world. Russia is still invested in keeping him ‘in place’ and he is quite content with their aid as long as it keeps him on his self-perceived throne.
        However, I have hope in humanity, and I have hope in truth, and I believe it is possible to turn the tide.
        And as long as one is breathing, there is hope.
        (checking — yep, breathing)

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      • I wasn’t surprised either. There are many who wanted a huge change and he did promise change… However, I think many who did vote for him had to step back and say…. whoa… that’s not what I meant by change!
        Hopefully all of them will change their vote…
        And yes, one must hope but one must also act.

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      • Oh, you can bet your bottom dollar on it that I’ll act … ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Like some others throughout history, he capitalized on fear, hate, xenophobia and insecurities. Some who voted for him like his ‘energy’ and relish the notion of brutality against those they see as ‘inferior’ (something he’d continuously reinforced). Others who voted for him chose to look away from (what I believe should not be looked away from but they believe to be) flaws in his character in hope he’d protect and reinforce the radicalization of conservative ideas and enforcement of one religion over everyone as law.
        I know there are those who are embarrassed and disappointed at their choice. There are also many who hold on tighter to their ‘conviction’ in order to not have to experience the shame of having been duped – by him, by their insecurities, by Russia, by trolls and bots and orchestrated misinformation. People will go to great length to protect themselves from shame, and it is easier to do in a culture of ‘them against us’ and feeling one has the higher moral ground (even if it is done by force and bullying).
        Still, I hope enough will change their vote, and I hope all who can vote, WILL vote — there were many who stayed at home last elections, and the Russian propaganda and Trump misinformation machine manage to dissuade many who did not vote for him, to not vote for his opponent. …
        If all vote, he will not be re-elected.
        So, I’m breathing … ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      • No argument from me. My two boys are testament to that youth who think they shouldn’t bother. I don’t get it. I pushed and insisted and told them I never missed a vote (except for one – and that was unintentional) and neither should they.
        The eldest has been paying more attention to the politics and just might not be so complacent for the next election.

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      • I think many people don’t think their vote matters … and then there are those who don’t bother … But the truth is, that it is a civil DUTY (I told a friend of mine – “you brush your teeth, don’t you? You may not always FEEL like it but you know that not doing so has consequences … Well, not voting has consequences, too. Perhaps not immediately felt, but if you don’t vote, don’t be surprised if you find yourself with a toothache … or worse … no teeth …”) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • Dear Rochelle,
      I think that large chunks of humanity (for there are tribes and indigenous people who had reached better and kinder ways already, even if those have been frowned upon and squelched by those who came with might and saw those as ‘uncivilized’); has indeed been a hot mess for a long time. It’s been clawing its way — slowly but hopefully methodically — out of brutal, xenophobic, discriminatory, oppressive rule of the many by the spoiled few … ways of life and viewing others.
      Progress against those who prefer to keep the ‘old ways’ (i.e. the ones they perceive as ‘greatness’ because it had worked for them even while it oppressed the many), is not an easy path.
      I think some humans are more humane than others, but all humans are human. … and often times those who think that some humans are less human … are the ones who are the least humane …
      PS zooming over to read yours! Lighter is good–we can use balance!

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