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There are those who think the will of men should rule over the will of women.


There are those who’d see a rapist as less deserving of punishment than the one who stopped the ongoing impact of that rape.


There are many who claim that their own interpretation of God should be forced onto all others, regardless.


There are those who do not see how that endangers the very premise of religious freedom, and with it, their own access to choice.


There are those who hark for days when girls and women were a property that men could do whatever they desired with, regardless of whether girls and women had agreed.


There are those who push their personal beliefs as science, while ignoring and denying facts that do not fit the narrative they’d allow as acceptable to perceive.


There are those who’d abandon, ignore, punish, and vilify already living children while pretending to cherish those who aren’t yet born.


There are those who value power over choice and silencing over voice.


There are those who’d put people to death even as they claim all life is precious.


There are still many who do not see and many who refuse to even try.

And so … evidently,

There’s much still needed to be done in this time of religious extremism in its push to diminish rights, undo progress, and force radicalization.

Much to do:

To keep theocracy from overtaking true religious and personal freedom;

To liberate distortions of what some claim is pro-life but is in fact just anti-choice;

To help the lost see that support of life respects and encompasses the living and does not, selectively, ‘defend’ only the unborn;

To dispel outdated views of women as unable or unworthy of autonomy over their own bodies, health, and futures;

To protect the lives of women and girls from the intrusion, disrespect, disregard, and dismissal of value, that criminalizing of choice does.

Because …


There is much still needong to be done.

To ensure choice is protected

So lives, too, can.




For Linda’s SoCS prompt: Adverb


31 thoughts on “Evidently

    • Thank you.
      For reading and for agreeing and for the support.
      Some forces in this country are indeed pulling hard to devolve, go backwards, and reverse progress by devaluing women and minorities and forcing religious extremism on everyone. Freedom of religion is ignored and the term is hijacked to mean “you are only free to practice MY religion and if you practice yours, you are infringing on mine, so I won’t allow it.”
      There are those who want to reverse rights for women. To take away voting rights. To remove women’s ability to make decisions about their person and their body and their freedoms.
      We don’t have to let this happen.
      We can make noise, though, and let it be known that it will NOT be accepted by the people. Women, and men who care about women, have a lot to say. For if we don’t, we may not have a voice at all. It can happen. It has happened (Germany used to be a modern country with rights and religious freedom. Then came Hitler. Iran and some other Arab countries used to a fairly modern with education and freedom for women and no forced religion. Then came the Taliban. Then came ISIS. This is not much different). If we don’t speak up, make noise, protest, resist, inform – we let the silencers win.
      Okay, off the soap box … and again – thanks!

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      • Indeed, we should not.
        I hope enough will rise against reversing freedoms – men and women alike, of all religions – for once freedoms of one’s person are taken away from one group, they are ripe for the taking from other groups, too. We’d seen it happen before. We don’t need to repeat history’s darker times.

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  1. Evidently, this is fast becoming a world-wide problem, because while it has always existed, we are now going backwards in countries that not too long ago were moving forward. The world is plunging into darkness. . .

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    • The need for some men to control women and girls and limit the freedom of many so the few could rule, has indeed been an old (and filled with cruelty and wrong) issue. Some countries have managed to progress from Dark Ages ideology. The US used to be among those, though it is now going more in the direction of countries that REMOVE freedoms and FORCE religious indoctrination onto everyone, moving away from the founding principles of religious freedom and personal choice.
      We’d seen it happen before, as it had in Germany under Hitler (where the indoctrination wasn’t ‘religious’ but it was ‘zealous’ in its righteousness and seeped in hate toward some sections of society and removal of all choice, under the guise of “make Germany great again” but with disastrous consequences, as we all know). We seen it happen in some Arab countries that used to be enlightened and modern and vibrant, but where religious extremism under the guise of ‘conservatism’ and ‘doing God’s will’ has eroded or even completely erased choice for everyone and took away any freedom for women and girls, reversing progress and choking human rights. We’d seen it, for centuries, with the way the Church enforced indoctrination under penalty of torture and death and burning at the stakes.
      And it is ALWAYS — always — done not for the betterment of people but for greed and need for power in some over the many.
      The baser instincts of some have always been in struggle with those that see justice and fairness and kindness and progress as better things to strive for.
      But greed and power hunger and deceit and gaslighting still draw those who feed on fear and domination.
      The pull to reverse the rights of some and to undo the constitutional rights of women and girls and minorities is fed by the same people who’d see slavery reversed and take away women’s right to vote and to own property and to make decisions about their own person.
      The US can be better than that. It has tried to be better than that. Most people are better than that. We don’t need to accept this devolution. This return to times of dark cruelty and selective re-interpretation of some’s version of their God. We can speak up and make noise and be clear about what this is about. We can put this country — and the world — back onto a path to light, not the dark path it is taking now.
      Sorry for the long comment – clearly I have some opinions about what’s going on …
      I also believe we can change it. Each in our small little way, when we stand together, we can be seen and heard. We’d seen this too, in our world, in every change for good.

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      • All so well said, both the comment and the original post. The USA can do better, and has, as you’ve said. I don’t recognize my country any longer; however, I cringe when so many people point to us like it is *only* us. It is not. Even Canada, ffs, is having its moments! We all need to rant in our own ways to reverse the reversals and move forward again.

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      • Yes, we can ALL do better, no matter where in the world we are, because extremism is like a blight – it spreads, via hate and greed for power – everywhere it touches. It is not only the US. Like I said in my reply – it’s been happening in other places and we know where it heads and how it ends, too.
        We see extremism happening in other countries, too, with those thirsty for power using the old playbooks of forcing religious under the guise of morality.
        What I also see – and this is perhaps where my eternal optimism comes in – is how many of the People (in the US and in other countries), refuse to accept this indoctrination and speak up. There are more good people out there than the ones who follow their baser-instincts would want us to believe.
        The US can be a power for change — good or bad. It is up to each of us where we let it lead.
        And I am certain we can reverse this deepest swamp and drain the ugliness – however familiar lit torches and mobs waving them might be for some – and find a way back into sunlight.
        Thank you for this conversation. It helps!


  2. These are not Real Men, these are the whining excuses.
    Real Men face up to the trails and tribulations of the world and are glad of Women as their equal partners to share the burdens and the joys, each to do the best they can as they can. A Real Man does not need the feeble lack of true courage shown by trying to dominate women. A Real Man gets on with what has to be done (true he will grumble a great deal and blame whatever device he is using when things go wrong), but a Real Man accepts a woman as an equal.
    A man cannot be truly free, cannot be at rest unless he accept A Woman as an equal.

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