Photo: NRD at Unsplash


They’ve left the fridge door open.

The cool pooled close,

Breathing light

Into the space

As if the halo of it

Could be


For the life

That no longer

Offered heartbeat

In these rooms

That still echo

With the sounds

Of “please don’t!

Oh please!


Not the kids!”




(256 characters)

For Twittering Tales #136


8 thoughts on “Echoes

    • Thanks, Kat.
      Yes … I can see how it would be quite disturbing … The photo was a great prompt, and it stirred a memory of a news story I’d seen, which was – as this piece is – quite disturbing. Not the same details, but a similar ‘feel.’
      Thanks for the welcome and I will be glad to come visit again!

      Liked by 1 person

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