In The Lap Of Luxury

dinner AmitaiAsif

Photo: Amitai Asif


A warm dinner.

A choice.

Wood enough for warmth

And cooking.

Decent clothes.



What millions would call

The very lap of




For Kate’s Friday Foto Fun: Luxury


10 thoughts on “In The Lap Of Luxury

    • Oftentimes we do, and it is lovely that we can, though it is also important — in my view — to once and a while realize the magnitude of our privilege as measured by what we may take for granted.
      It does not mean we should be ashamed to have enough, or that we should wish to not have it, but that perhaps it helps to calibrate our perceptions to the true abundance some of us have, and many upon this earth can only dream of. Yet.
      May there one day be more than enough for all, for there can be.

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