Our Review for Emilia by Na’ama Yehuda #Psychological Fiction @NaamaYehuda

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Thank you, Jaye and Anita!

Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

51dllSBu-jL._UY250_.jpgIt is the late 1800s. A young child is kidnapped by her tutor and secreted into seclusion, muted by terror. Will she find sanctuary, and her voice, before it is too late and she is silenced forever? Can anyone she risks to trust, truly protect her? What if safety is only an illusion and nightmares come alive?

As the child’s trail goes cold, Mark Monsey, police officer, remains haunted by it. In spite of little departmental support, he doggedly follows what clues he has. Crisscrossing the county from isolated lighthouses, estates, and groundskeeper’s cottages, to limestone caves, spooky cellars and dreary train stations, he becomes increasingly aware things are not what they seem and he is being deceived.

Can he find the truth, and will it matter when storm clouds and death spread faster than any of them can foresee?

Our Review

We first meet KayAnne Brisbane travelling on a…

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11 thoughts on “Our Review for Emilia by Na’ama Yehuda #Psychological Fiction @NaamaYehuda

      • Still … my apologies if there was any added pain to what you already manage. Childhood trauma is awful, and I know it can revisit, and sadly cruelty is all too recognizable when one had known it. I’m sorry for what you had endured. I’m glad you read “Emilia” (I laughed when I saw you posted the review because I am LITERALLY in the middle of your book …!) and I hope that Big Ben and Billy Boo helped a bit … Hugs (only if welcome), Na’ama

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      • I’m so glad. There are all manner of ways to respond to trauma, some decidedly unhelpful, some hopefully helpful. I’m glad if how I wrote about it helped.
        And … have no worries, I’ll be sure to write a review when I’m done! 🙂

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