Unsettled Settings

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Photo: Digital Buggu on Pexels.com


So, WordPress has had a bit of a snafu … where settings of some accounts have been somehow unilaterally altered, resulting in people not receiving email notifications for new posts from some websites.

I found out about the problem when I stopped receiving email notifications from my own blog to my own new posts …

WordPress support looked into it, and it seems that ‘something’ (WordPress doesn’t know, but I highly suspect goblins, who are known for mischief) had turned off new-post-email-notifications on my subscription to my own site! I had to manually go in to turn it back on, and it seems I am not alone …

If you hadn’t received emails about new posts from me over the last 2-3 days, I recommend checking that your new-posts-email-notifications are still turned on.

It only takes a moment.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to: https://wordpress.com/following/manage

  2. Scroll down the lists of websites you follow till you see my blog/website — there will be a little ‘setting’ cogwheel button underneath the “following” indicator.

  3. Click on the ‘settings’ and a small window will open. If the “email me new posts” option isn’t turned on, ‘switch it on’ and you’ll be all set.

[You can do the same with other websites you follow if you suspect you’ve somehow stopped getting emails about new posts from them – good indicator is if you can still see posts from them in your ‘Reader’ but hadn’t gotten emails about those posts.]

THANK YOU for reading this, and please let me know in the comments if you had similar issues and/or if your settings had been ‘goblinized’ … I am grateful to all of you who follow my blog and read my posts, and wouldn’t want anyone to miss posts from me or from other bloggers due to technical glitches and mishaps.

As for the goblins … may they go frolic with dragons and elves over pots of gold at ends of rainbows, and leave us humans to our bloggizations. Amen.


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