Black Friday

Photo prompt: © CEAyr


“We’ll call him Friday,” Emmaline stated.

Roger glanced up. They’d just left the restaurant and he had urgent emails to check. “Call who?”

“Him.” She pointed toward the bike, which was parked across the alleyway between a bush and a wall.

He squinted and frowned simultaneously. Emmaline’s cryptic tendencies were sweet sometimes but annoying most other times.

He saw no one. His frown deepened. A stupid black cat perched on his bike’s seat, fur puffed as if it had just stuck a paw in a socket.

“See?” Emmaline laughed. “He adopted our bike on Black Friday. Let’s call him Friday.”



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers



47 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Black Friday… I hope that’s not an omen for their relationship. If I heard someone’s pet called Friday, I’d first think of Robinson Crusoe. 🙂

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    • Ah, I hope it isn’t a bad omen at all. I hear Black Cats are actually pretty magical … 😉
      As for Robinson Crusoe … yeah, there was that “Friday” but I bet that wasn’t his REAL name, anyway … (not that RC ever thought of asking him his REAL name … Bothered me as a kid. Still bothers me now …)

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  2. Too funny, Na’ama! Our black cat is called Moondust. I should suggest to my son (his cat) change the name. He calls her “Cat” as he feels he was coerced into naming her such a name… He was 11-12 at the time…

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  3. As soon as he said “but annoying most other times,” I knew I didn’t like Roger. At first he seemed just busy, preoccupied. But now I realize he’s a jerk! Probably his behavior stems from his having such a comparatively ordinary name: not nearly so endearing as Emmaline, or Friday. 😊

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    • Ah, poor Roger. Doomed by his name … 😉
      Yeah, he is not exactly the right ‘energy’ for Emmaline, now, is he?
      Perhaps Friday will magically change his heart … or … the future might be a lot less cryptic and a lot more boring for him …
      Great comment!

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