Ice Maiden


Photo: Castell Deudraeth in Portmeirion, Wales


“My room is haunted,” Daria mentioned over toast and jam.

Margaret rolled her eyes and Daria stopped chewing.

Margaret sighed. Vacation or not, her twin was sure to find drama someplace.

“Honest, M! Something kept whispering ‘Aber Iâ’. What does that even mean?”

“Ice haven, Miss,” their waitress manifested with more tea, Welsh rolling heavy on her tongue, “also, glacial estuary.”

“And?” Daria pressed.

“There used to be a mansion on these grounds, Miss. In the 1700s. Was called ‘Aber Iâ’.”

“See?” Margaret looked pointedly at her sister. “You must’ve heard someone say it and it stuck in your mind.”

“Someone said it in my room!” Daria insisted. “All night!”

The waitress shifted uneasily. “What room are you in, Miss?”

Margaret glared.

“Might be the bwbach, see?” the young woman fiddled with her apron. “She can be restless sometimes but she’s never done no one any harm.”




  • bwbach — ghost or phantom in Welsh
  • Aber Iâ — Ice Haven or Glacial Estuary in Welsh. Also the name of an old mansion that used to stand on the grounds of what is now Castell Deudraeth, a hotel in Portmeirion Village, Wales.


For What Pegman Saw: Portmeirion Village, Wales


17 thoughts on “Ice Maiden

    • המידע על המקום או הרעיון למקום? המידע על המקום מן האינטרנט…עשיתי מחקר קליל…
      הרעיון למקום הוא כל שבוע מקום אחר שמציעה זאת שבקישור בסוף הפוסט.
      ככה ‘מטיילים’ בכל העולם … 🙂


    • Thank you Kelvin! Indeed, not all ghosts are angry. Some are restless. Some are just sad or searching or seeking or a little lonely or pining to tell their story or re-do what they could not in life.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the piece. It was fun to research and put together–I like these challenges in part because they prompt me (pun and all) to learn new things.


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