Fates and Faiths

the old city osnathalperinbarlev

Photo: Osnat Halperin-Barlev


In the depths of the city

Where new rubs shoulders

With old,

Uncounted passes of prayers

And woven statements


Fates and faiths of what’s been

And may yet find

Better ways

To be told.



For Wits-End Weekend Photo Challenge: repeating patterns


4 thoughts on “Fates and Faiths

    • Thank you Patti! I think that the contrast in textures and patterns is vivid in the Old City, and not only in the things sold in the market stalls but in the very textures and patterns of people, faiths, religions, histories, memories, hopes, dreams, realities, needs, pains, sorrows, prayers, paths …


    • Thank you, Andrea. The Old City in Jerusalem had seen much old and much new as well as the ongoing struggle to define what is current and what is history and what is truth. Some of these struggles are as old as time, and in my view, none of them are as either/or as some might think …

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