The Vanishing Point

VanishingPoint ofirasif

Photo: Ofir Asif



At the vanishing point

They have passed

To be gassed,

Leaving us

To a world

That forever now must,

Not forget

How the place

Of no return

Has been crossed,

And we none are

The same

For hate’s shadow’s

Been cast.

In the name of those


Who shall not be forgot,

We can vow to hold hope,

And let compassion





For Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge: Vanishing Point


13 thoughts on “The Vanishing Point

    • Yes. And we must work together to end hate were it (still) raises its head, for we know how it can energize the weak-of-character who feed on fear, to use hate and violence to put down others in order to feel better about themselves.
      We can stop such atrocities from (continuing) to repeat, because most of us are better than that and because history should teach us not only what is possible to do, but what we should not ever allow.
      Thank you for this comment, Na’ama

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