Photo Copyright –Douglas M. MacIlroy


“Looks like a tennis ball on steroids,” Linda squinted at the gray blob.

Ethan rolled his eyes and turned the screen so it faced him again. “Definitely not a tennis ball.”

He shouldn’t have caved and showed her. Not that he ever did manage to withstand her pleading. Linda’s persistence could persuade a zebra to do away with its stripes.

“A cement globe?” She pressed.

Ethan shook his head.

“Am I at least getting warmer? Oh! Is it a post-global-warming thing?”

He sighed. It was hopeless. Might as well give it up.

“It’s Pluto, barely netted by the Sun.”



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers


34 thoughts on “Netted

  1. It can be frustrating when the one we love persistently fails to understand what we have created. It can also be a spur to making our creations more comprehensible.
    That’s a nice story, Na’ama. I love the way you capture Linda’s sudden ‘inspiration’ about global warming!

  2. Poor Pluto,.. in and out and in again…
    And isn’t this typical of the Venus/Mars thing? We are supposed to read the other’s mind and understand what is what? Not fair Ethan!

  3. I enjoyed the dialogue and could feel Ethan’s exasperation. It’s always a bit disheartening to try and explain your creation when you know that person isn’t going to understand anyway. Nice take on the prompt, Na’ama.

    • Thanks, Brenda!
      Yes … and sometimes it IS hard to get into someone else’s brain to know what they’d intended in their creative endeavors … So perhaps the frustration can go both ways. … Who said the artistic passions are easy to live with? 😉 Na’ama

  4. Well, He would have had to tell me, and then explain what the heck that meant!!! hahaha I guess some of us are just not visionary when it comes to paper mache spheres.. Excellent write by the way!!

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