Comfort Blessing

Joey asleep InbarAsif

Photo: Inbar Asif


May you find a place of comfort

May you have someone to hold

May your heart be soothed to purring

May your spirit not be cold

May cruel winters turn kind summers

May you hear true stories told

May you leave behind the sorrow

May you see the good unfold.



For The Tuesday Photo Challenge: Comfort

For the dVerse challenge: utopia


34 thoughts on “Comfort Blessing

    • Thanks, Brendan. Yes, perhaps utopias are less about elaborate constructions of outward magnificence, but about the small comforts we can give each other and can feel we can trust will be extended to us. If we all lived in and with compassion, there would be no war, no intentional violence, no cruelty, a lot more comfort … and a whole lot less misery. Thank you for this important comment! Na’ama


  1. What stood out to me in this lovely little prayer was the line, “May you hear true stories told” in light of so many children’s stories that are full of embellishments and unrealistic outcomes. How refreshing it is to hear the humble truth once in awhile!

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    • Thank you, and yes, there are many stories – for children and for those who used to be children … that aren’t true: whether in what we tell each other, in what we tell ourselves, in what we allow ourselves to believe, in what we tell others, in what we expect others to believe. May truth be told. Thank you for the comment!

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