Early Hold

grayscale photo of newborn baby

Photo: Zaid Abu Taha on Pexels.com


She is early in birth

And early in breath,

Independent in all.

She’s come forth barely cooked

But is here even so

Stubbornly grabbing hold

Ravenous in her howls,

In a world just a tad


For her life-hungry spirit

And determined

Big soul.



[Dedicated to all the little ones who arrive exactly at the right time … for them. … and to all who work with them, to make it the best possible time and outcome.]


For the dVerse Poetry Challenge: Early in 44 words


26 thoughts on “Early Hold

    • Thank you, Henri! What a kind comment!
      Premature babies always strike me as a little under-cooked, having been ‘in the oven’ a little less time than expected (not to mention that practically speaking, their lungs are often under-developed and their nervous system isn’t quite as ‘wrapped up’ in myelin as it is in full term babies). So they have a bit of that “not quite ready to be here” look about them, even as they very often let it be known quite clearly that they ARE here … πŸ™‚
      Again, thank you for the comment!


    • The photo is a stock photo but oh, boy, yes, can we smell the newness on this one! πŸ™‚ Nothing as heart-melty as a newborn, let alone a tiny early one, who are, essentially a little undercooked ‘buns in the oven’ …. Thank you, Pat! Na’ama


      • Oh, wow, micro-premies are a whole other category of small. There are many longterm issues associated with very low birth weight babies. I see and work with some of them (not in the NICU, but a little later): many of them have to manage learning issues, vision issues, metabolic issues, medical-trauma issues, processing issues, and other neurological and motor issues. Nonetheless, many do far better than anyone would’ve expected, given how early and how small they’ve been born. It is quite amazing! Na’ama


  1. I was a premature baby and feel a kinship with your little one. I love the phrases ‘early in breath,
    Independent in all’ and ‘come forth barely cooked’ – did she have that fresh baked bread smell?

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    • It is not a gentle beginning to life–even under the best circumstances–and it makes sense that it might take a while to find one’s center. Prematurity often comes hand in hand with Medical Trauma, high pain sensitivity, and difficulty regulating overwhelm (not surprising, given that instead of being born into cuddling arms, one is born into an environment that for all intents and purposes is an overwhelming and often painful one). It doesn’t mean people cant do well — many do, even very well — but it is not an easy start. Good for you for finding your strong spirit! Glad you’re around. πŸ™‚ Na’ama

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