Not Amused

Not Amused NaamaYehuda

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


There is plenty

Not amusing

For this bovine

To project,

When she’s placed

Right where her cousin

Is being served

As steak.


For Kammie’s Oddball Photo Challenge


7 thoughts on “Not Amused

    • I don’t shun all animal products, though i do try to be mindful of where I get my food and that animals are treated well and have a healthy, relatively free and relatively stress free lives. I grew up with chickens clucking in the yard and geese and ducks and turkeys and a goat. We didn’t eat our animals but we did collect the eggs (when my younger sister could find where the hens hid their nests, which she almost always did) and use the goat’s milk after her kids had their fill and later after they weaned, and I don’t think there was a cruelty in it. The livestock ate the peels and scraps and grains and such that we gave them and the goat enjoyed the fresh clippings from the whole neighborhood which we dragged home in a wheelbarrow… We worked for them and they worked for us, sort of. I think that we can have ethical animal husbandry just like we can have ethical raising and picking of crops, or we can have trafficked or desperate people who are all but enslaved doing the hard labor for us to keep costs down.
      So it is my long winded way of saying: I think it is okay to put milk in our coffee and to eat animal products and to consume good food, and that we can each do our part to be mindful of where our food comes from and that it entailed to get it and who, truly, paid for it. Including awareness to the earth and its resources. That cow in the photo, by the way, is a plastic model… realistic and hilarious even as it is also telling more stories than perhaps the proprietors intended…


      • I looked at your photo early in the morning before my coffee – how silly of me to mistake a plastic cow for the real thing! Yes, finding good food to eat is a minefield these days. I like your story of growing up with animals and the way the whole neighbourhood contributed to their welfare. It would be wonderful if we could start bringing such wholesome ecologically sound practices back into our lives these days.

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      • It looked like the real thing to me when I saw it!!! I had to cross the street to get a better look!
        The neighbors didn’t mind ‘contributing’ their lawn clipping to our goat, especially as my sisters and I would come ready to collect them and save them the trouble … But yes, I think there was also the deeper understanding that what they were throwing away, was another living things nourishment. It was a simpler time, and perhaps in some places it still is. I think more places are at the very least aware that it makes sense to AIM for better ecological sense. 🙂

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