almost AmitaiAsif

Photo: Amitai Asif


Still they strive

Strain to grow

Stretch to touch

Yearning so.

Almost there

But not quite

Only five

Thousand years

Till they finally

Hold hands.


For dVerse Poetic Tuesday



31 thoughts on “Almost

    • Thank you! It always seems so imminent and yet so, well, out of reach …
      I remember seeing some in a cave as a child and being utterly mesmerized by the length of time it took for stalagmites and stalactites to grow. The mere concept of millennia upon millennia was just beyond my perception (it still is, but now I can pretend to understand … ;)). In reality, it still boggles the mind: according to, cave stalagmites grow rather slowly—0.00028–0.037 in/yr (0.007–0.929 mm/yr)!


    • We are small and very, very transient, but we are still part of this blue marble hurtling through space, and as such, part of its history, however fleeting. Our days is all we have, so they matter, but it certainly helps to also hold a bigger perspective. …


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