Meet the Beat

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


The new piece unfolded in his head during the long flight. The chords danced to the beat of the flickering red light on the airplane’s wing and the turbulence lent base to the melody. It was perfect. He’d have written the notes right there and then had it not been for his propensity to motion sickness. Staring out the window was the only remedy. Sometimes the best inspiration.

“Let it go, let it go!” his daughter’s singing in her room welcomed him home.

And the nascent harmonies obeyed, dispersed, let gone.


For The Friday Fictioneers June 29 2018 Challenge

26 thoughts on “Meet the Beat

  1. Oh how sad… kinda like all the blog posts I’ve composed in my head during my walks, only to remain unpublished because I didn’t write them down as soon as I got home! Too bad he can’t just record them on his phone… not the same as words…

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    • Yeah, poor dude … The scenario was certainly fed by personal experience, if not with music, then with story/dialogue/scene ideas … As for the poor man, I have extra compassion for him given the particular earworm, which is likely to squat in his brain for the next four weeks … 😉

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    • Don’t they?! 😉 Well, maybe that’s part of the elusive nature of muse … And if we don’t take it seriously right when it presents, it gives some payback by retracting its offers … 😉 Thank you for your comment!

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    • I think we all know that place of “poof and it is gone.” … On my better days I manage to see it as fodder for the experience. On my lesser days … well … there’s always ice cream … ;))


    • It is part of the creative process, I think, but it doesn’t make it any less “ugh” when the ideas poof away … I’ve had my share of scenes/dialogue/plot unfolding that seemed to ‘solid’ till I woke up, or the phone rang or something needed my attention and poof … So, I thought many of us can relate … Thank you for the comment!


  2. So familiar. Easpecially with songs where both words and melody or background music can be fleeting. I guess it makes us realize the true miracle of a creative impulse brought to fruition, without being waylaid by life!

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    • Same here … it’s what I try to tell myself (not always with much conviction) about ideas that go “poof” in my brain before I manage to pin them down … 🙂 Part of the creative process, I gather, but oh boy it is frustrating when it happens … 🙂 Thank you for the comment!

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