Coniston Choice

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She shrugged her macintosh off to use as ground cover before lowering herself gingerly. She drove two hours to get here and her hip still protested anything less cushioned than her bed, let alone damp gravel. Still, walking in the fresh air was good for her, the doctor said.

Didn’t say where she had to do that walking, and Norm was no longer around to object. He’d been terrified of flying, worried about trains, sea-sick on boats, wary around cars. Poor Norm. She couldn’t blame him. Not after what he’d gone through during the war.

Made for dreary holidays, though.

Not anymore.

She gazed at the lake, took a deep breath, and pulled the folded papers out of her pocket: The unsigned bill of sale for the house; the travel agent’s brochure for the round-the-world ticket.


For What Pegman Saw: Coniston Water Lake District

15 thoughts on “Coniston Choice

  1. Story of an adventurous woman no longer obliged to stay at home by a timid husband (btw was his name – Norm – an intentional pun?) Good for her. She has to make a new life for herself after a very long marriage; it’s courageous of her to make it as she wants it. Most people stick to what other people expect of them.

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  2. I know so many couples like that, where one loves to travel and the other hates it. The transition to a new stage of life in widowhood sounds awful, but in this case she seems to be bravely seeking the silver lining and pursuing her own dreams, while her health still holds out. Good for her!


    • I hope so, too! I think at lot of people are like that–maybe anxious about traveling, maybe anxious about being in an unfamiliar place where they may not know the language or customs. Not everyone is adventurous but when one half of a couple is, and the other half is not … well, it makes for a bit of a holiday mismatch … I hope she travels all she can, and I hope anyone who wishes to, does, too! 🙂 Thank you for the comment!


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