a walk SmadarHalperinEpshtein

Photo: Smadar Halperin-Epshtein


“How to tell them apart?”

Asked some who’d seen them together

In all kinds of weather.

“Why try?”

Those who knew them replied.

“They are two of a kind,

One older in body

The other in mind.

One father, one son,

Always two, never one.

One sighted, one blind,

They live life, intertwined.”




For The Daily Post

4 thoughts on “Lookalike

    • Thank you! Sometimes people seek outward differentiation when it is not always what the people themselves request. The opposite is also true, when people lump twins as one unit and they may not always appreciate it. All about living life as one needs and wishes, perhaps.


    • Thank you! I like taking a bit of a different slant on words, sometimes … 🙂 And yes, we sometimes don’t see the differences, and sometimes the differences maybe aren’t necessary … Have a lovely Sunday and thank you for the comment!

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