Mnemonically Challenged



“I failed the test,” she sighed and let her book bag slump to the floor.

“What test, and I’m so sorry.” I responded.

“Social studies. History stuff. I studied so hard!” She plunked herself into the chair. Dejection personified. “Who put all those stupid names and dates in there, anyway?”

“Names and dates can be really difficult to remember,” I noted. “I find it helpful to connect them with the story of what happened, or with something else to remind of what the name or date relate to.”

“Yeah, well,” her eyes rose to meet mine, accusatory at my not understanding she just needed me to let her vent. “But you are not mnemonically challenged!”



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2 thoughts on “Mnemonically Challenged

    • Some are acronyms, some are sentences where the initial letter in every words refer to a term or time period or process (e.g. “My Very Excited Mother Just Served Us Nine Pies” for the order of the planets in our solar system). It also refers to other techniques to improve memory or spelling (e.g. “Rhythm Helps Your Two Hips Move.”). But yeah, auto-correct thwarts many an acronym! 🙂


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