Coincidence of Fate

Lookig back DvoraFreedman

Photo: Dvora Freedman


You are no accident.

This time.

This place.

Your presence is

If not pre-ordained

Then an absolute responsibility,


With each moment

Every action

Of said and unsaid,

In a remarkable


For opportunity

And fate.



For The Daily Post

3 thoughts on “Coincidence of Fate

    • Hi True George, I guess this is where it would be for each person what is right for that person to see their life as. After all, matters of faith (and belief in destiny) are individual. Some believe that one’s life is pre-ordained, even to the degree of having it be ‘chosen’ (on the soul level) or ‘decided’ (e.g. by reincarnation and/or Karma). Others believe that one’s life is part of a bigger plan where we each have the potential to manifest in one way or another. Others still believe that life’s meaning is what one makes of it, and unrelated to bigger spiritual plans. So … to me there are no right or wrong answer that would work for everyone, which is why may whatever you find works for you in this little snippet of writing, be what is right for YOU. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

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