An Unusual Visit

My niece took this photo during a European hiking trip she’d taken with her brother. It always makes me smile. It also makes me wonder: Who had placed the mirror there, and why had they done so to begin with? Was this for the horse? Something tells me it wasn’t the first time for the equine to visit this reflection. What did the horse feel during the encounter? Was it like a visit with a friend? A hello to an apparition stablemate? A recognition of something or someone in him- or herself? Something altogether different and beyond?


Photo: Inbar Asif


For The Photo Challenge

10 thoughts on “An Unusual Visit

    • I’ve read that most animals don’t recognize themselves in the mirror, but rather behave as if this is another of their species that they are seeing. Interesting to wonder what is REALLY going on in their brains … 🙂 Post a photo of the lizards?!

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      • Will do. One in particular (who I named Balcony Lizard) came regularly and would bob his head up and down and stick out his dewlap, which does suggest that he thought it was another lizard he was seeing. Though at other times he would just recline quite peacefully on the top of a little figurine and look at himself…

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