Welcoming Hearts

tender hand

For all the mothers, biological and adoptive, temporary or ‘forever,’ immediate and surrogate, spiritual, female and otherwise …

A day of thanks, for open hearts.

A day for those who carry, hold, deliver, care-for;

For those who pat-the-back-of-babies through long nights, who walk a groove into the floors in the new-parent-dance;

For those who wipe the brow of fever, whose arms and hands are never empty, who fill a plate for others before sitting down for theirs;

For those who watch over the children while their parents cannot be there – day in and day out, in emergency, or any needed time;

For  those who fret and worry, contemplate and weigh each day, each milestone, each possible advance to a child’s healthy growing;

For those who open every corner of their heart for love far bigger than imagined;

For those who welcome little ones (and sometimes not so little) and parent, guide, teach, hug, steer safe, keep whole, allow, provide;

For those who still raise pieces of themselves even as they are called to raise others;

For those determined to change course from paths that harm, to ones that cradle;

For those who let be known that children matter, who fight to make the world a better place for those unable yet to lead but destined to inherit what we will leave them;

For the hospitality of parenting souls of all kinds;

For the depth of care so many offer;

For the triumphs and the challenges:

Deep thanks.




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7 thoughts on “Welcoming Hearts

  1. Thank you for the warm and wise words. And let us not forget the mothers with broken hearts, those whose sons or daughters gave their lives in service, or mother’s whose best efforts failed or whose young somehow slipped through their fingers or obstinately took a path apart. It is for some such a thankless job. Let us hold them, too.

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    • Absolutely! Mothering comes in all ways, and over many trial and tribulations. It is not always in person, and it continues long after one’s child is no longer there–whether physically, emotionally, geographically, or at all. Hugs to you and all the mothers of this world.


    • Yes, if those who mother ruled the world, there would be peace and lots more love to go around to keep it. Not only women mother … So there’s hope. … May there be more mothering in all, for all.


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