Can Someday be Today?


“Can we go to the candy store?”

“Not today. Maybe another day.”

“Can we go to the park?”

“Later, Sweetie. It is raining now.”

Fidget, fidget, scan the room.

“Can I have a phone?”

“Maybe one day.”

“Can we go to Disney Land?”

“Maybe someday.”


Another one.

“Can someday be today?”




For The Daily Post

Daily Prompt: Someday

5 thoughts on “Can Someday be Today?

    • Thank you for the comment, thinkinkdia! I love the “growing-up souls” term. Indeed, they are often required to wait till it is the right time for others (justified as many delays may be), and developing patience is not easier for children than it is for adults … Here’s to being aware of what it can be like, and doing one’s best to use patience with … well … patience ….


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