tender care


For mothering

In all its forms:

The immediate, the early, the continuous, the delayed;

The biological, the fostered, the adopted, the periodical, the incremental and the unusual;

To mothering by women, by men, by friends and neighbors, co-workers and teachers, siblings and relatives, by the kind smile of a stranger and moments of shared understanding;

To mothering by nature, by pets, by ocean waves, by breath and life’s constant flow and ebb;

To Mother Earth and Mother Moon;

To mothering of self, by self, by growth, by age and lessons learned and known …

To all of this, and more;

Thankful for mothering.

In all its forms.



Note: all photos are taken from Pintrest. If you know their original provenance I’ll be happy to add specific credits!

4 thoughts on “Mothering

  1. So very fabulous and on point. Beautifully said, dear Na’ama!


    Adele Ryan McDowell, Ph.D.


  2. Love it, Na’ama! Thank you on behalf of the lovingly mothered, the mothers lived for and despite of their best intentions, and on behalf of the forgotten mothers, the mothers neglected by grown children forgetful or angry, beset by mental illness or by addiction or by unknown resentments or confusion. The job is a hard one, often ill appreciated until one has children of one’s own. Thank you Mom and all our dear ones who have kept you warm in my heart all these years.


    • Indeed, mothering can often be a thankless job, and yet it is no less — or even more — important at the times one’s mothering may seem to be the most unseen. Hugs to you!


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