Renew, Refresh, Believe

easter egg hunt

For all who celebrate Easter

Who praise spring’s freedom



Restoration of new hopes and

Fresh possibilities.

May it be a day of close connection

Of bonding

Great fun

Much affection.

May it a day to celebrate

New life

In all its forms

The delicate

The Playful

The endlessly adorable beginnings

Of little ones commencing

A first path

And of the new paths

For us all

Unfurling alongside.

elephant attachment

sprout buddies

3 thoughts on “Renew, Refresh, Believe

  1. Thanks for this refreshing approach to a day overwhelmed by religion in this part of the country. The Tennessee daffodils carefully carried here by my aunt have broken ground with their green spears, and soon will bloom up here on the Plateau. The last vestiges of snow, dirty with road sand and cinders have gone at last, and today I saw a Pileated Woodpecker!


    • How lovely re: the daffodils! It is always thrilling and more than a little awe-inspiring to see the green shoots barreling their way through hardened earth, determined to seek and find the sun …

      There are so many meanings–across cultures and time–for this time of renewal and rebirth. I am sure just about anyone can find some meaning in it, regardless of their official (or unofficial) faith and spiritual practice. It is not about Passover or Easter per se, but about the lively bubbling of this time which makes spring so effervescently energizing and inspiring.


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