You Can Still Hear


… and judging from today

You were amply, multitudinously loved.

Your laughter was what every one remembered

Its memory snuck giggles into sobs

It was what brought smiles

Into the tears

And light

Into the sorrow.

I can hear your laughter still.

It lives within me

As it does within so many others

Blessed to know you

And the bubbling of your kind and precious laugh

In life.

In love.

Transmuted into light.

4 thoughts on “You Can Still Hear

  1. Beautiful words as you tenderly traverse your grieving process. Thank you for letting us in. How wonderful that laughter penetrated the tears! May all coming to terms with profound loss know how to nourish the seeds of joy in themselves everyday.


    • Thank you, Sonnische. It has been a tender time. A heartening time, too, given all the love surrounding. It is always agonizing to lose a person dear to one’s heart. Yet amidst the pain there is the beauty of having known them, the gratitude for the connection they allowed, the memories that fill one’s heart, and love that death cannot erase.


  2. True and truer.
    Sometimes I think that people have forgotten how to laugh. Have left large joy somewhere in the dust.
    So when someone has touched your life with laughter, has eased it with laughter, what an extraordinary legacy.
    Thanks for sharing this time with us, Na’ama.


    • Thank you Meredith. Yes, all too often laughter is forgotten for sadness and loss, when it was such a big part of a person’s legacy and worth remembering and celebrating. My dear friend is no longer with us, but her laughter still rings in many people’s hearts. It is priceless…


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