Rest in Peace, Dear Carol

Carol H.

Carol H.

ברוך דיין אמת
May you rest in peace now, Carol, having completed your work on this earth, in this body; and having done so utterly spectacularly, as evidenced by the many people who love you so dearly, the lives you changed and enriched, the truth you spoke, the healing you provided, the open-mind and open-heart you lived by.
I miss you already.
I also know you’re going to be with us, always; if in a different way. But no less loving.

Am not worried for you being lonely over there, in Soul Heaven. Oh, not at all, for you have a welcoming committee with you! I can feel it. Kathryn, surely. She’s been moving front and center in the last month, preparing to receive you and ready for reconnecting. I can almost see your hand in hers as she shows you the path to new tomorrows. Others are there to welcome you, too … from recently departing friends to longer lost kin of heart and family. A multitude. A community of souls. A tribe. All holding you in love and light.

Am relieved that you are no longer suffering and that your body no longer limits your soul from soaring. You have blessed us all.

And you are a Blessed One.

I will be taking time off in your honor, to sit in prayer and meditation, to hold you in my heart fully, to be with you during this process of you moving on to a different path of being, to support your family.

There’s a candle lit for you here, as is the tradition in my family and upbringing, to ‘hold’ and ‘light the way’ and keep in thoughts and blessing a dear one who is walking a new path. Though knowing you, Carol, you are probably flying. Walking’s too slow. And you sure had enough of ‘slow’ for a while now…

I said goodbye to you when I went to sleep last night, having felt you getting close to passing since Friday and even more so all day yesterday, and I knew that something shifted in the early morning: a release, a relief, a letting go. You had let me know.

The deep love of those close to you–your dear husband, children, siblings, friends–I know it helped you through this most difficult last year, and helped you know it was okay to finally let go. Love held you. May it hold you still and hold us all now as sorrow flows and gratitude fills memories with the honor of knowing you and loving you. I love you so!

It has been an honor for me. Still is. Will remain so and only grow.

You have enriched my life, nourished me indelibly on levels that are hard to put in words, changed who I had the possibility to become. I cannot imagine my life without you. A gift. A blessing.
Carol, you are a part of my heart and always will be so.
You are family to me.
My love always — Na’ama

5 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Dear Carol

  1. Oh, Naama, I am so sorry to hear the news. Of course, not really surprised, but it is certainly a heartbreak on the 3-D level. I sense Carol surrounded by many, many angels. When I stopped to send my blessings and honor for who she was, all I could hear and see on my inner screen were massive angel wings.

    Carol was magnificent human being and undoubtedly she will continue to share and spread her light from the other side. She has an enormous spirit

    Please take care of your tender self. My heart is with you.

    Much, much love, Adele

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    • Thank you, dear Adele. Enormous spirit indeed, she was, she is. She always had. It is the blessing she imparted on all of us who knew her–directly or indirectly, in person or not. She changed this world by being who she was, and taught so many how. It is a tender time, as worlds blend and veils become transparent. Love, Na’ama


  2. Oh, Na’ama, how hard this must be, even as you were preparing to lose your good friend, for her to finally have passed on. You have been a very good friend to her even as you are to me and so many others. Know that I have you in my thoughts and prayers, as well as others suffering this loss.


    • Thank you, Sonnische. It is sorrowful, but I would not like to feel less or be less present with this; and grief is a feeling like any other–it has a purpose, it flows, it belongs, it informs.
      I am glad she is no longer suffering. My memories of her are filled with lovely moments, laughs, giggles, good conversations, great learning, deep love and respect. One can ask for nothing more. Love to you, Na’ama


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