Spring it on!

spring forward clock1

Daylight Savings Time begins tonight–or rather, early Sunday morning–March 9, at 2am.

It is time …

Time to move your clocks ahead one hour.

Time to lose a little sleep …

Time to gain an hour of daylight, and swoops of sunshine …

Time to hopefully convince Spring to actually come!

A moment of Trivia

Most of the United States abides by this “springing ahead.” However, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, the US Virgin Islands … and for some reason, Arizona (??) don’t ‘do’ Daylight Savings Time (DST). They don’t move their clocks, don’t gain another hour. They remain  firmly on one time year round. Arizona, for example, chooses to remain on Mountain Standard Time.

(Actually, speaking of Arizona–the ONLY mainland North American State averse to DST–is super-confusing even when it comes to time. You see, the Navajo areas DO move to DST, while the rest of Arizona does not. So just be aware, that if you live in Arizona, asking “what’s the time?” between March and October, is a potentially confusing question, and depends on who you ask and where you are … If you’re anywhere else on the US mainland, you’re good. Move your clocks. Even Indiana decided to join the rest of the Union for DST.)

Spring forward into safety! 

Use the change to Daylight Savings Time to change the batteries on your smoke alarm and Carbon-Monoxide detector. Most fire deaths this winter were due to non-working smoke-alarms or carbon-monoxide detectors. Take a moment to change those batteries. You may be saving lives.

spring forward


Springing into Spring!

May this Springing Forward remind the weather that the time has come for new shoots and flowers, for hatchlings and chicks, goslings and fawns, bunnies and puppies, for newness and cuteness to melt (some snow) and hearts …

Spring it on!


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