Time To Play

With the world now turning inward

Slumbering in winter’s grasp—

Find time to play.

With this New Year somehow ticking

Almost a full month of its spin—

Make time for play.

In the hustle of cold mornings,

Early darkness,

Frozen windshields,

Icy drafts—

Carve time.



Put aside the chores and laundry,

The notes, reports, reviews and worries,

The ever adding tasks of day—

And play.

Refresh your heart

Renew your spirit

Rejuvenate the wonder of all things you knew and dreamt of

Way back in the day,

And allow yourself—once more—or finally

To concentrate in utter flowing focus

Hard at play.

Photo Credit: E.F.

Photo Credit: E.F.

(Originally published in Spa Corner–January 2012)

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